Hi, glad to finally meet you!

I'm Léo Mouraire,

a junior interactive developer.

I'm actively looking for a traineeship in creative front-end development!

I just finished my two-year degree in Web development and digital communication

at IUT Bordeaux Montaigne, Bordeaux, France.


I'm currently working at Superhero Cheesecake in Amsterdam

as an intern creative front-end developer.

Last summer I did a work placement in front-end development and Webdesign at Datasolution, Paris.


Well, I have a solid base of technical knowledge in HTML/CSSxSass/JavaScript and some JS Libraries (JQuery, GSAP, paperjs, PIXI) and I'm Currently learning ThreeJS (looove it!)

More Skills

Photoshop and Illustrator have still many secrets for me but I have some strong bases!

I can also make video editing with Premiere Pro or After Effect

Currently Learning 3D Modeling in Blender!